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*THERE IS A NEW VERSION!* https://youtu.be/YRbjmI05b7w

This is an Ark: Survival Evolved Building Tutorial for a cozy stone and wood cabin on the banks of a snowy river. This winter house build guide is one of my most popular house designs. The Snowy River Cabin is a winter house design that originally appeared as Iron Mine Ep. 28. In Jan 2017 I gave this video a makeover as an Ark cabin tutorial ;)
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Ark Building Evolved is an Ark let's build series, where I build in 'creative mode' in a persistent world. Inspired by my favourite Minecraft series Building with BdoubleO! You can watch me build a Megaloceros Ranch on a waterfall islet on The Center Map.

Ark Build Guides are more videos like this one, step by step house building tutorials that are easy to follow along with. I have made 9+ build guides and you should watch them all!
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►The Handyman's Lament - Josh Woodward (CC BY 3.0) https://goo.gl/wL4ZvV
►Fool's Gold - Josh Woodward (CC BY 3.0) https://goo.gl/2CI8Lw
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Recent Building Tutorials
The Swamp Cabin: A houseboat build in the swamps of The Island map. A fishing boat and a cozy cabin. ►https://youtu.be/fUaxMR0Hqvc

Mediterranean Row Houses: A super colorful build inspired by an Italian street. We paint this one in all kinds of crazy colors. ►https://youtu.be/0W7CvLkC4aM

Redwoods A-Frame Cabin: A very small build on the shores of the Redwoods Lake on The Island map. This cabin is built from wood and lots of glass.

Thatch + Wood Beach House: Built on a desert island on The Center map, and designed with a parking spot for your Pelagornis! This one is made from simple materials so it makes a great starter house.

The Log Cabin: A large house build in the Redwoods biome of the Center map, this wood, glass, and stone cabin makes a cozy base. I built this because I'm Canadian and we love log cabins. ►https://youtu.be/ocA3bKDAupw

Tapejara Hangar House: This Adobe and Stone house build was designed to include a garage for your favourite flyer--more of a hangar really, perfect for the unique Tapejara flyer. I built this on the Scorched Earth map, and I hope you do too!

Tudor Style House: This white and black painted townhouse build was designed to capture the medieval style of Tudor buildings. A small house built in the redwood biome of The Center map!

The Garden House: This wood and stone Structures Plus house features twelve flowering crop plots, bright white trim, and a unique green paint scheme. A three story base build on the edge of The Island map!

Log Cabin II: This wood and stone house design is nestled by the beautiful Redwoods Lake on The Island map, and built to look like a rustic pine wood cabin. I call this Log Cabin 2!

The Winter Cabin: This house is built from wood and stone, nestled on the banks of the Snowy River on The Island map. This rustic house design is perfect for your world!
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This video originally appeared as Ep. 28 of Ark: Survival Evolved Season Two. It was part 28 of our Ark Let's Play series on the Iron Mine server we construct a cabin on the banks of a snowy river, with mountains and waterfalls overlooking this winter house. ►Watch Season Two of Ark: Survival Evolved on the IronMine server: https://www.youtube.com/wat...
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►Fools Gold - Josh Woodward (CC BY 3.0) https://goo.gl/2CI8Lw
►Thanks for Coming - Josh Woodward (CC BY 3.0) https://goo.gl/OYkcai
►Cool and Red - Lorenzo's Music (CC BY SA 3.0) https://goo.gl/ndiwtZ
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