Biggest Unanswered Questions In Deadpool 2


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Deadpool 2 is finally here, and it left fans with more than just a stitch in their sides - it also left them with a lot of questions. Sure, continuity and logic aren't exactly important in a Deadpool movie, but there are still some questions we'd love to have answered even if those answers have absolutely no meaning. So grab your stack of X-Force comic books, button up your 501's, and get ready for a bumpy ride, because there's a high wind advisory in effect for the rest of this spoiler-filled look at the biggest unanswered questions in Deadpool 2...

Where ARE the other X-Men? | 0:29
What happened to the rest of X-Force? | 1:39
What's the deal with Cable? | 2:27
Is Vanessa actually Death? | 3:23
Will there be a Deadpool 3? | 4:38

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