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Lady Antebellum + Darius Rucker - Summer Plays On Tour

Duration : 1.53
Channel : Lady Antebellum
Viewer : 9.701

Darius Rucker Live Concert

Duration : 1.45.29
Channel : Kassel Leventhal
Viewer : 22.589

Intimate Interview With Darius Rucker

Duration : 35.23
Channel : Intimate Interviews
Viewer : 30.497

Darius Rucker Closing Out The 2018 Cmc Awards

Duration : 4.17
Channel : Brandon Mckay
Viewer : 8.868

Stuck On You --- Lionel Richie And Darius Rucker

Duration : 3.13
Channel : Jesus Ranero
Viewer : 3.049.851

Darius Rucker- Stand By Me

Duration : 4.24
Channel : Points Of Light
Viewer : 80.128

Darius Rucker - Let Her Cry Hd (live)

Duration : 4.41
Channel : Kingscup20
Viewer : 1.509.154

Lady Antebellum With Darius Rucker And David Nail

Duration : 10.45
Channel : Arkeeping
Viewer : 29.356

Darius Rucker - Purple Rain

Duration : 6.17
Channel : Rusty Gage
Viewer : 59.118

Lady Antebellum And Darius Rucker

Duration : 8.24
Channel : Cbwonder1
Viewer : 674

Darius Rucker And Pga Tour

Duration : 0.46
Channel : Darius Rucker
Viewer : 9.816

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