Yanni - Inspirato - Hasta el último momento - Full Track


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  •   Title : Yanni - Inspirato - Hasta el último momento - Full Track
  •   Author : Mohammed Al-Basri
  •   Duration : 3.34
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    Original Music (Until the Last Moment)

    Yanni Inspirato is the masterpiece album from Yanni in 2014, Yanni greatest music performed by the world's most extraordinary voices:

    Plácido Domingo, Renée Fleming, Rolando Villazón, Katherine Jenkins, Vittorio Grigólo,
    Russell Watson, Micaëla Oeste, Nathan Pacheco, Chloe Lowery, Lauren Jelencovich,
    Plácido Domingo Jr., and Pretty Yende

    Yanni, working in partnership with the legendary operatic superstar Plácido Domingo and producer Ric Wake, has assembled a stellar line-up of the greatest singers to perform on his new album, INSPIRATO. Yanni's timeless compositions have been transformed by the addition of lyrics and tells the story of the loves of YANNI's life

    Track List for "Inspirato" Album

    1. Renée Fleming - I Genitori (To Take To Hold)
    2. Vittorio Grigòlo - Come Un Sospiro (Almost A Whisper)
    3. Plácido Domingo - Ode Alla Grecia (End Of August)
    4. Katherine Jenkins - L'Ombra Dell'Angelo (Nice To Meet You)
    5. Nathan Pacheco - Amare Di Nuovo (Adagio in C Minor)
    6. Plácido Domingo & Renée Fleming - Hasta El Último Momento (Until The Last Moment)
    7. Plácido Domingo, Nathan Pacheco, Plácido Domingo Jr.,
    Micaëla Oeste, Chloe Lowery -- Riconoscimento (Tribute)
    8. Russell Watson -- Incanto (Enchantment)
    9. Plácido Domingo Jr. - Il Primo Tocco (First Touch)
    10. Lauren Jelencovich -- Usignolo (Nightingale)
    11. Rolando Villazón - La Prima Luce (In The Morning Light)
    12. Pretty Yende - Ode Á L'Humanité (Ode To Humanity)
    13. Katherine Jenkins & Nathan Pacheco - Nello Specchio (In The Mirror)

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